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“Your enthusiasm and heart-felt desire to help people at the EOL was evident and inspiring. You re-energized my desire and expanded my knowledge and confidence to journey with people at the EOL (those transitioning).” – Patricia C
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2017 through Current Date
"All I knew before I began Deanna's programs was that I felt an intense yearning to be of service at the end of life. I had very little experience in this realm and wasn't even clear what this work looked like. Deanna saw my earnest desire and welcomed me into what has become deep and meaningful work. Being mentored by Deanna has been a life-changing gift! I watched my skills and intuition in this work, grow, deepen and flower. Serving my community as a death doula and grief coach I see how those of us working at the threshold are shaping our collective experiences with death and grief. Deanna is a fierce and loving warrior in this cause and I am honored to be with her on the path." - Iris F
“Your words, your wisdom, your willingness to share a bit of the road with us is no small part of how I came to understand that this is what I want to do - that this is indeed my calling. I thank you with all my heart for the gifts you have so beautifully given. You helped me understand that I bring enough to the table as I am… You also reminded me that fear is normal, and simply comes with the territory of the NEW. And while I am aware of that, it has been a nice reminder for my heart - to go easy, to trust, and to allow this beautiful process to unfold within what will undoubtedly be a graceful, wild, and precious adventure.” - Jillmarie E
“From the very beginning, you have given me such validation. Six months into hospice, I had been spending time with the patients as a friend/companion and though I know these were important interactions for those patients, I knew it wasn’t where I was truly called to be. I felt as though it was a stepping stone to where I was heading. I took a little time off to reevaluate and as I started up with hospice again, I also spoke with you. Again, you offered the encouragement I needed to follow my true calling which is to serve those who are actively dying. Your course would undoubtedly bring me to where I needed to be. So, I began. As I learned the material, it was clear that this is what I am meant to do. THIS has pinpointed my deepest calling. I did not have the information or the guidance prior to working with you. I know the inspiration and awareness was already in the works but you helped it all come together, packed with validation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Sara W
“You’re such a teacher! I love that you speak from your own experience, that you welcome any and every question, that you somehow ‘hold space’ for where every person is at.
And I love that you speak easily, from a deep place of integrity and that you allow your amusement free reign! Thank you for being my teacher and friend.” – Nancy S
“Deanna is such a skillful guide in tuning into what we need to be there fully when we are dying! As someone aspiring to be of service to others in this way, I am so impressed by her generous care and passion for this calling and her very evident commitment to deep, soulful nurturing based on a great love for life. Thank you, Deanna!” – John E
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